Over the years, livestock sector has emerged as a leading sub-sector of agriculture sector in Pakistan. It contributed over 11 per cent to the GDP during 2005-06, which is more than the aggregated contribution of entire crop sector (10.3 per cent) of the country. Livestock production is one of the major activities as about 30-35 million people of rural areas are engaged in raising livestock and deriving 30-40 per cent of their incomes. Besides its importance and share in the national economy, the history of livestock raising is embedded in the rural life since inception of our civilization. It is still a sign of prestige for the people associated with agriculture sector. It is an integral part of socio-economic activities of the rural areas and plays a very supportive role in mitigating the effects of poverty by providing essential items of daily use.

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Livestock with national GDP contribution also contributes significantly towards national exports. This sector provides raw material for the industry and livestock creates market and capital. A number of factors favor investment in livestock sector of Pakistan. The demands are increasing for livestock products due to urbanization and economic development.

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Livestock Population
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As per each Decennial Livestock Census.

Species 1976 1986 1996 2006
Buffaloes 10.6 15.7 20.3 27.3
Cattles 14.9 17.5 20.4 29.6
Goats 21.7 29.9 41.2 53.8
Sheep 18.9 23.3 23.5 26.5
Camel 00.8 01.0 00.8 00.9
Horses 00.4 00.4 00.3 00.3
Asses 02.2 03.0 03.6 04.3
Mules 00.06 00.1 00.1 00.2

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