(Hygiene And Quality Control Technology)

The Exhibition will act as a catalyst for food industry participants to become involved in meeting the demands of the future and creating a safe food supply chain.

Food Safety Asia helps customers, manufacturers, retailers and traders to assess their products and commodities against a wide range of safety, regulatory, quality and performance standards.

Food Safety Asia offers a complete line of food safety and hygiene related technology and equipment to help improve efficiency and enhance food safety processes.

The event covers every aspect of food safety, by highlighting its importance and the basic principles of food hygiene. It also provides Producers, manufacturers, suppliers, processors, retailers, foodservice institutions environmental health departments, and health promotion associations a platform to share their knowledge and experience on Food Safety, Hygiene & Quality Control Technology.


The microbes on our food that can cause food poisoning are usually controlled by heating (cooking) and/or chilling (refrigerating) our food, but given the chance they can easily be spread around the kitchen - via our hands, chopping boards, cloths, knives and other utensils. If they are allowed to cross-contaminate other foods - especially cooked and ready-to-eat foods - they can make us ill. Good kitchen hygiene and good personal hygiene are important to help control the spread of harmful germs.